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Tapping the media and influencers as storytellers of 7-Eleven’s campaigns

Team Storyscope breaks down the role of PR and influencer marketing in 7-Eleven’s Virtual Run, HottaUlam!, and Chef Creations campaigns

After all the successful projects in 2019 and 2020 — specifically 7-Eleven Day, Bayanihan Savings and Selections, the launch of the first City Cafe store in BGC, and the launch of the Crunch Time Flavorites to name a few, 7-Eleven found itself facing another year filled with new plans and opportunities to bring even more convenience to its customers.

As 7-Eleven’s partner communications agency, our goal is to help the brand effectively reach and engage with its customers in every campaign we roll out. Our key strategies? PR and influencer marketing.

7-Eleven’s Virtual Run Series makes a comeback

7-Eleven poster for Virtual Run 2021 from November 7 to 30 2021

With the pandemic situation still making an impact on everyone’s routines, 7-Eleven brought back its Virtual Run Series in November 2021 to encourage the public to prioritize their health and wellness. Aside from the donation of 2M worth of CLiQQ credits to the frontliners, 7-Eleven also waived the registration fees of vaccinated individuals as an additional motivation for people to get their shots.

For this campaign, we worked with celebrities, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts to create general awareness. We also tapped industry-immersed individuals like fitness coaches and experts, and gym owners, as well as running pros to give the event more credibility.

In order to keep the hype going from start to finish, we executed our plans into three phases with the help of Wil Dasovich, Bubbles Paraiso, and other partner KOLs. Phase 1 was all about motivating oneself to join. We did a product seeding and sent our chosen KOLs their own race kits with running essentials and products from sponsoring brands. They introduced the Virtual Run event, shared their pre-run rituals, and encouraged their followers to share their own journey by using the #IRunWith711 hashtag.

Phase 2 of the campaign focused on the KOLs’ experiences as they completed their runs, while Phase 3 highlighted their thoughts and feelings after completing the event, knowing that their decision to participate also meant giving back to the frontline community.

We also sent out a press release to select media outlets to reach the audience outside the fitness bubble. We also did an advertorial with PhilStar Online and a sponsored post on ABS-CBN’s Facebook to strengthen the awareness and get more of the general public to sign up.

More affordable food options with HottaUlam! and Chef Creations collaborations

In 2021, 7-Eleven also began gaining recognition for making restaurant-quality food options accessible and affordable for the general public — with nothing over P105.

Together, we created a sustaining campaign for their HottaUlam! meals which were launched in 2020. This time around, the HottaUlam! selections are made available to more 7-Eleven Luzon stores. Like our Virtual Run campaign, we carried out the executions in phases to have more variety in terms of content formats and story angles — which is crucial in keeping the audiences engaged all throughout the campaign.

Later that year, we did a product seeding for the latest Chef Creations Manam Express product offering, the Manam Express Bistek with Pansit in addition to the Kare Kare and Sisig meals.

In early 2022, we launched the newest Chef Creations collaboration with Lugang Cafe — the latest effort by 7-Eleven to make Asian cuisine and specialty meals convenient and readily available to everyone.

Apart from product awareness, another goal was to strengthen the brand affinity through engaging and entertaining content on various digital platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Since these campaigns are about food, we partnered with a mix of KOLs.

We tapped foodie KOLs, writers, and FB groups like Bea Acosta of Click The City, Food Wonders Manila, and Manila Eat Up to reach foodies and talk about the delicious, newly-launched single-serve meals. We also partnered with mommy KOLs like Maite Cruz, Lhourdes Mercadero (The Kitchen Mom), and Mommy Gracie (Tipid Mommy) to share how easy it was to prepare meals for the family with these ready-to-heat meals, saving time, effort, energy, and expenses. And lastly, we also reached out to lifestyle content creators like Marvin Fojas to pique the interest of the general public on the different 7-Eleven food offerings in a fun, playful way.

As an added support, we also sent out press releases to our chosen media channels and KOLs along with the product seeding kits.

PR and influencer marketing have become staples in our 7-Eleven campaigns. We believe that these significantly contribute to successfully launching and sustaining campaigns, especially when paired with content that are relatable and useful to customers’ daily lives. By working with the media and influencers, we were able to engage our target audiences, drive foot traffic in-store, increase sales, and ultimately strengthen the credibility of 7-Eleven as the leading convenience store chain in the Philippines.

If this is something you need for your brand, Team Storyscope is ready to help. Send us a message at for a free consultation!


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