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With our creative and strategic launches, we can help build a strong impression and buzz about your brand or product.


Brand Architecture & Identity

Develop a clear and robust overarching branding that champions the brand at its core and its offerings

Campaign Development

Craft a consistent messaging for your brand across various digital and/or traditional channels

Product Seeding

Conceptualize packaging and dispatch product press kits to a list of media, influencers, and other personalities so they can share about a campaign whether for a specific product, service, promo, etc.

Media Management

Facilitation, negotiation, and management of communications and placement with media and personalities

Brand Partnerships

Connect and initiate synergies with like-minded brands for a mutually beneficial relationship

Brand Identity

Development of a brand’s ethos, visuals, and strategy

Website Development

From copywriting to designing, we can develop your website to reach your target audience



We can make your brand relevant through a new look, ethos, or strategy that’s perceptive of the times.

Social Media Management

Strategy, implementation, and monitoring of ads across social media platforms and other apps

Visual Identity

Create a strong recognition for your brand by establishing your logo, typography, color palette, and other visual elements

Community Management

Monitor responses on social media platforms such as messages, comments, etc.

Production Services

Includes the end-to-end production of media content from storyboarding to video and photo shoot, and editing to develop assets for your brand

Cat Arambulo_Merz Aesthetics_Photo5_Storyscope_strategy, public relations, content, PR com


We can connect you with different media touchpoints through our PR, digital, and on-ground solutions to reach your target customers.

Influencer Marketing & Ambassador Management

Partner with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to best amplify or represent a brand or service to a greater audience pool

Editorial Services

Draft and seed press articles headlining an event, campaign, or project to news outlets or publications

Advertising Placements

Sourcing, identifying, and booking of ideal locations to mount your marketing collaterals whether it's out-of-home, print, or online media

Digital Media Planning & Placement

Strategy, implementation, and monitoring of ads across social media platforms and other apps

Performance Monitoring, Reporting & Analysis

Assessment of digital media campaigns’ reach, engagement, and conversions vis-à-vis campaign objectives

SMS Marketing

Craft regular push messages for new releases, timebound offers, or special deals

Email Newsletters

Drive action and stronger brand affinity through email marketing

Familiarization Trip

Coordination and management of an experiential trip with media and influencers for brand and/or product promotion

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