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Pool Bar at Station X Launch

Top Korean and Filipino influencers, Joan Day, Christine Park, Nicole Andersson, Janeena Chan, and Lissa Kahayon, dip n' drink in Boracay!

Roughly 6 months after the completion of the Department of Tourism’s rehabilitation work on Boracay in October 2018, came the launch of the Pool Bar at Station X. Team Storyscope’s role was to raise awareness on the lifestyle hub’s new go-to hangout spot, where guests can elevate their swim with cocktails and chillers from the pool bar. With the improved island rules and regulations and the influx of travellers wanting to visit the newly rehabilitated island, the opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time.

For the launch of the Pool Bar at Station X, we created an influencer-driven campaign and tapped lifestyle and travel KOLs (key opinion leaders) who we thought were the perfect fit to Station X’s overall vibe. Through them, we were able to help spread the word and encourage locals and travellers to come and experience Station X.

We partnered with leading booking platform, Klook, and planned a familiarization trip for each of our own respective groups of influencers, which finally came into play in May 2019. Since Koreans make up a big chunk of Boracay tourists, we invited popular Korean online personalities Joan Day and Christine Park and flew them in from South Korea. They were soon joined by the other half of our group: Nicole Andersson, Janeena Chan, and Lissa Kahayon, in time for the launch of the Pool Bar at Station X in Boracay, as well as Klook’s group of influencers: Arianne Bautista, Chelsea Robato, Chinchin Obcena, and Thea Tolentino.

The 4-day trip also included a food adventure around the island and within Station X’s own diverse food menus and water sports activities prepared by Klook. It was Team Storyscope’s Korean influencers’ first time in the Philippines, and this Boracay trip left a great impact on their first impression of the country. Their Youtube vlogs, which amassed a total of almost 300K views as of writing, was one of our key strategies in attracting the international market. (Click for Christine’s and Joan’s vlogs)

On the day of the event, we also launched an activity page on Klook’s official website for the Pool Bar at Station X promo, offering a daybed for 2 with towel rentals and ₱1,000 worth of consumable food and drinks for only ₱1,200.

As experts in brand strategy, social media marketing, and public relations, we optimized our digital marketing efforts by creating a well-thought-out social media content strategy to further create buzz on the launch. Together with our influencer engagement, print and online placements, and the combined efforts of Team Storyscope and the Station X and Klook teams, we were able to tell their stories well and make the launch a success.

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