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7-Eleven launches Bayanihan Savings & Selections campaign

Chris Tiu, Pauleen Luna-Sotto, Benedict Cua, Kristel Fulgar and more check out 7-Eleven’s newest neighborhood grocery shopping experience!

Staying true to its mission of making life easier, 7-Eleven launched its Bayanihan Savings and Selections campaign in December 2020, which was all about advocating for more affordable and convenient grocery shopping for everyone. Think going to the supermarket — minus the commute and long lines, but with even bigger savings!

Having collaborated with the brand for its past projects and campaigns, PR company Team Storyscope is already well-informed of 7-Eleven’s role and relevance to the community, most especially during the pandemic when people are limiting their outdoor movement. To reach our client’s goal of bringing more awareness to the campaign, we worked with 70+ key opinion leaders (KOLs) for both paid and non-paid posts, and product seeding.

We segmented our chosen KOLs according to 7-Eleven’s different categories to highlight the additional and more affordable product selections, ranging from personal care and baby products all the way to food and other household items. Apart from paid KOL posts, we also did a themed product seeding to mommy bloggers and influencers to continue spreading awareness on the campaign. They also invited their followers to check out the newest and safest neighborhood grocery shopping experience at the 7-Eleven store nearest them.

We tapped moms like Pauleen Luna-Sotto, Amy Perez, DJ Chacha, and Momi Berlin for baby products and household essentials. To hit the younger market, we also worked closely with popular online influencers like Benedict Cua, Kristel Fulgar, and Ashley Ortega and had them promote personal care items. Lastly, we teamed up with a more general group of KOLs and celebrities including Neri Miranda, Marc Pingris, DJ Suzy, and Chris Tiu to further widen the scope of 7-Eleven’s reach.

Since 7-Eleven is a fun and relatable brand, we also partnered with Macoy Dubs (Aunt Julie) and Lucy D’ Agostino to create and post a mix of informative and entertaining content a la TikTok on their respective Instagram pages.

Our collaboration with carefully chosen personalities made the whole project a success. Segmenting our KOLs, doing themed product seeding, and mapping out their social media content proved effective in gaining the interest of their followers, starting the conversation about #711Bayanihan, and even leading other bloggers and influencers to follow suit and create their own content centered on the campaign.

In addition to our KOL engagement, we also executed paid advertorials that we strategically timed for maximum exposure and reach to make our launch bigger and call to action stronger. These were published on the day of the launch and also complemented our product seeding, the influencers’ posts, as well as our announcement release which was picked up by several bloggers and print and online media publications.

Through our strategic communication strategy, we were able to bring more convenience, ease, and comfort during a time it was needed most. If KOL partnerships, engagements, product seeding, or media relations is something your brand needs, we’d be more than willing to help! Email us at to get started!


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