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7-Eleven’s New Baristas for #711Day 2019

Your favorite vloggers David Guison, Toni Sia, Benedict Cua, and Baninay Bautista became 7-Eleven's City Blends Cafe baristas for #711Day!

Given that 7-Eleven is already an established brand not just in the Philippines, but all over the world, Team Storyscope grabbed this opportunity to explore new ways and create new experiences to make this their biggest celebration yet.

In line with the #711Day marketing efforts, we also worked on the grand launch of the first-ever City Blends Cafe in Bonifacio Technology Center in BGC. To make it even better, we tapped some of the country’s top vloggers-David Guison, Toni Sia, Benedict Cua, and Baninay Bautista-to become City Blends Cafe baristas for a day. Their involvement made this whole experience memorable-not only for the 7-Eleven regulars, but also for the fans of these popular online personalities.

Through our collaborative work with our partner influencers, we were able to maximize our social media marketing initiatives. Their 7-Eleven content and teasers, which were posted leading up to the #711Day, garnered a great amount of online engagement. This also contributed to the tripled customer attendance on the day itself. What better way to start your day than by having your favorite vlogger prepare your favorite cup of coffee? It’s every fan’s dream come true!

As an added PR support, we also sent out a product seeding to select influencers and media and worked on press releases and advertorials on #711Day’s one-day deals and week-long discounts.

There are many channels available to get the word out, but as a PR company that specializes in strategic communications, Team Storyscope picked only the best and most appropriate ones for this campaign. Our use of digital and print media, specifically social media, print and online releases, and public figures, gave us the result we wanted and more. In 2019, 7-Eleven observed a significant increase in sales-a portion of which was attributed to our PR and marketing efforts.

We’re a young company, but individually, we’ve had years of experience in the PR industry. Now that we’ve come together as Team Storyscope, we’re more than ready to widen our scope and partner with leading and upcoming brands in the Philippines. Would YOU like to collaborate with us on your next project? Email us at to get started!


What we did:

Launch Event

Influencer Engagement

Press Releases, Advertorials, and Online Placements

Product Seeding


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