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Sassa Jimenez celebrates a decade with ‘Ten’

For Sassa, 10 isn’t just a number. It's a collection that illustrates her hard work and passion for her craft over the course of a decade.

For this project, Team Storyscope helped tell the story of young Filipino fashion designer Sassa Jimenez as she launched ‘Ten’-an anniversary collection of her signature whimsical and playful style that carries ten years of the passion and hard work she has poured into her career.

Like us, Sassa Jimenez is a storyteller herself-but one who uses fabric instead of pen, fashion instead of paper, and designs instead of words, to convey what she wants to say with a flair that only she has. As a PR company who takes pride in creating stories that inspire transformation, we took on the role of amplifying her story to let it be heard by those within and beyond the Philippine fashion industry.

We developed a campaign that underscores her decade-long career as a fashion designer in the Philippines. In June 2019, we supported the launch of ‘Ten’ by inviting print and online media, key influencers and personalities, and fashion stylists to the special anniversary celebration and fashion showcase.

Through our comprehensive marketing efforts and public relations with the media and KOLs (key opinion leaders), we were able to focus the spotlight on Sassa and her raw and inspiring 10-year journey as a fashion designer who successfully made a name for herself in the competitive fashion landscape.

We have partnered with various upcoming and leading brands in the Philippines, like Sassa Jimenez, whose stories carry not only words-but purpose too. We’re a young group, but we are well-versed in storytelling-and we have the exact right tools to help you best tell yours. Let’s work together! Shoot us an email at


What we did:

Brand Architecture and Identity

Launch Event and Development

Video Shoot

Media Relations

Influencer Engagement

Press Releases, Advertorials, and Online Placements


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