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Experience Skin 101 beyond the screen

Your go-to-clinic is now online! Skin 101 adapts to the new normal with a shift to digital to continue making care accessible to everyone.

A lot of brands and companies have taken a big hit during the early months of the pandemic. Some were forced to stop operations, while others shifted to the unusual yet more convenient digital platform. Case in point: Skin 101-everyone’s go-to clinic for affordable and high-quality skin care.

Together with Skin 101, Team Storyscope created a recovery plan to shift the clinic experience to the online platform to continue making skin care accessible to everyone. Because everyone is now ‘online,’ our social media content development and marketing strategies played a big role in our migration to the digital space.

To kick off our recovery plan, we started a one-on-one free consultation for Skin 101 customers with the clinic’s founder, Dra. Jennie Diaz. With each other’s help, we gathered and addressed their skin concerns and inquiries via Facebook messenger and Instagram direct message.

The overwhelming inquiries and positive customer feedback on the free consultation led us to develop a more improved online skin care service. A few months later, we launched #Skin101BeyondTheScreen-the clinic’s telederma servicing. What started off as a free exchange on social media eventually turned into a more in-depth virtual consultation via Google Meet with Skin 101’s team of board-certified dermatologists. Through this, we were able to reach more people-both current and new customers-as well as highlight Skin 101’s core competencies of providing skin care services whenever, wherever.

With everyone relying on the digital space for all their purchases, whether essential or nonessential, it was only apt to launch the newly revamped Skin 101 official website along with its e-commerce services. Customers can now buy their favorite Skin 101 products, medicines, and vouchers, which can be used anytime with no expiration date. To make things even safer and more convenient, we also started offering delivery services for our customers.

As passionate as we are in telling stories, we are first and foremost, a PR company that specializes in strategic communications. That alone gives us enough drive to adapt to the times, strategize for the future, and pursue our goal of providing solutions for our partners. Whatever it is you need, we’d gladly help you find the best solutions. Let’s work together and create campaigns to get your brand to reach more people! Send us an email at We’ll wait!


What we did:

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Brand Architecture and Identity

Brand Communications

Campaign Development

Influencer Engagement

Web Design and Architecture

Press Releases, Advertorials, and Online Placements

Product Seeding

Social Media Content Strategy and Management

Social Media Advertising


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