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TransPhil Real Estate: the new developer to watch

Townhomes are hip and here to stay, as TransPhil emerges as a developer to watch in the Philippine real estate market.

TransPhil Real Estate has been building townhomes in Metro Manila for the last 45 years, but it was only in early 2020 that the company embraced an integrated approach for marketing communications.

Their portfolio of projects completely drew us in, and we knew that there’s a remarkable story in TransPhil that’s waiting to be told. And so began our brand communications journey with TransPhil that fully utilized the Team Storyscope expertise on brand strategy, social media marketing, and public relations.

We found TransPhil’s #MadeForYouBuiltForLife promise as already a succinct expression of what the brand is about: well-built homes that display expert craftsmanship, in locations that allow both connection to the community and respite for its residents. Through careful consideration of strategy and content in public relations and social media executions, we introduced TransPhil to the larger public with a media launch to show its refreshed, modern brand.

The media and the public were very receptive to the TransPhil story. We indulged their interest further with advertorials, print, and online features that emphasized why TransPhil is the developer to watch in the industry.

And while TransPhil has had a long-standing network of brokers who help market their properties, Team Storyscope acknowledged the potential contribution of a strong social media presence in sales. We then moved to launch TransPhil’s official social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, creating content that captures their properties’ value and appeal online.

We continue to use our strengths in helping TransPhil navigate a new normal, and we are just as excited as the property market to see the TransPhil story unfold in novel ways as it further establishes its place as one of the top brands in the Philippines for real estate.

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What we did:

Brand Communications

Photo and Video Shoots

Advertorials and Online Placements

Campaign Launch

Media Event

Social Media Content Strategy

Social Media Launch and Management


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