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Gather and Grow: capturing Lotus Development’s mission

Property developer Lotus Development continues to empower local communities in Gather and Grow campaign

As it celebrates over 20 years in the property industry, Lotus Development has both seen and enabled the transformation of Cavite’s residents and local businesses. Its slate of community malls spread across different towns in Cavite has provided the public with accessible and reliable locations to gather for their essentials and errands and has also given budding entrepreneurs a platform to grow their businesses.

As strategic communication experts working with some of the top brands in the Philippines, Team Storyscope wanted to capture Lotus Development’s contribution to the Cavite landscape through a catchy yet strategic message. We worked in strong collaboration with Lotus Development to craft a campaign that is attuned to the sensibilities of the Cavite-based audience. Called Gather and Grow, we used this communication initiative that spans brand strategy, public relations, and social media to tell the Lotus Development story.

Gather and Grow marked its debut through the launch of the Lotus Development website and official Facebook page. To this day, we continue to create content and manage these communication channels to support Lotus Development’s drive to empower their communities. By means of engaging, inspiring, and informative social media marketing strategies, we converse with Lotus Development’s target public, especially aspiring entrepreneurs who may just need a little push, or perhaps a friendly, accessible venue to explore their business concept.

Through Lotus Development’s consistent and compelling online presence, Team Storyscope helps maintain the brand’s connection to the public, making it a top of mind choice for their business or personal activities.

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What we did:

Brand Architecture and Identity

Brand Communications

Photo Shoots

Advertorials and Online Placements

Social Media Content Strategy

Social Media Management

Web Design and Architecture


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