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Ultherapy For Two with Richard and Lucy Torres-Gomez

Celebrity couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez share their beautiful love story in Merz Aesthetics’ campaign.

The male market’s potential for cosmetic procedures has been mostly untapped in the Philippines. But our client, Merz Aesthetics, saw this as a unique opportunity for Ultherapy to gain ground in a new market that may just need a little prodding.

Ultherapy, the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical procedure for skin lifting and tightening, is quite popular with women. Through Merz Aesthetics’ past collaboration with Team Storyscope, we have made Ultherapy a top choice among the female market, largely due to integrated communication campaigns that tapped celebrities and influencers.

Speaking to the male population, however, was a different story. It meant discerning a key motivation for the group to receive a beauty treatment, and our research showed that men would willingly put in the hours for Ultherapy if they do it with their partner or wife.

Using this insight, we produced a strategy that resulted in the campaign #UltherapyForTwo, with celebrity couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez as ambassadors. As one of the country’s most popular husband-and-wife teams, #UltherapyForTwo with Richard and Lucy conveyed commitment in a new light-that committing to taking care of oneself also means renewing the commitment of love and devotion to your partner. This made Ultherapy a comfortable choice for the male audience, while also inspiring a renewed excitement among the female market.

After Merz Aesthetics provided key inputs to the idea, Team Storyscope put its expertise in brand strategy, social media marketing, and public relations in play to create a 360-degree marketing campaign. It began with teasers that focused on Richard and Lucy’s relationship, which then led to a well-attended media event that officially introduced the couple as the #UltherapyForTwo brand ambassadors. These were supported by advertorial features in major publications, social media content in partnership with other Ultherapy ambassadors, and a billboard to further capture widespread public interest.

True to our love for telling stories as a PR company, we built on the momentum of the launch through sustaining press releases that separately highlighted Richard and Lucy’s Ultherapy journey, while also continuing the narratives of other Ultherapy ambassadors. This project with Merz Aesthetics, like our work for other top brands in the Philippines, proved how market insight and close client collaboration can produce campaigns that create memorable impact.

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What we did:

Brand Communications

Backyard and Micro-research

Campaign Launch

Influencer Engagement

Press Releases, Advertorials, and Online Placements

Events and Activations

Photo and Video Shoot

Social Media Content Strategy

Social Media Management

Social Media Advertising

Media Relations


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