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Cat Arambulo-Antonio Talks About Self-Love

Cat Arambulo-Antonio redefines self-love in Merz Aesthetics’ regional campaign.

Self-love can be a tricky concept, especially when discussed alongside non-invasive beauty treatments. It has been a popular long-held belief that self-confidence and self-love are espoused in natural beauty or in the natural process of aging.

Through the campaign Merz Aesthetics Serendipity Journey, leading global aesthetics company Merz Aesthetics aimed to inspire a new perspective on self-love. By highlighting how it is all about personal choice, confidence, and empowerment, Merz gave the public the freedom to define self-love according to their own belief and terms.

The Asia-Pacific wide campaign tapped representatives from each country who will share her self-love journey. For the Philippines, it was Cat Arambulo-Antonio, one of the country’s foremost lifestyle influencers and multi-hyphenates. For this project, Team Storyscope closely worked with Merz to amplify the campaign with Cat through strategic, concerted efforts on public relations and social media.

We let Cat tell her self-love story through a media event, which was also Team Storyscope’s first event since we were founded! We made the experience special not only for us, but most importantly for our media guests. Through strategic creative execution in collaboration with Co Studio, we conveyed the different aspects of Cat’s life-as a woman, creative professional, wife, and mother-through the event’s staging elements in order to fully capture her journey. Pictures of Cat also punctuated the styling to show her through the years.

Cat’s conviction as the local campaign ambassador produced wonderful stories from the media, and we built on this with more content, in the form of an advertorial. We also leveraged Cat’s influence in social media by adding an audience component, with Cat giving away free makeovers to her subscribers.

Putting together a campaign that captures a unique communication objective made excellent use of our expertise in brand strategy, social media marketing, and public relations. As a PR company, Team Storyscope is proud of helping Merz launch this campaign by providing a robust and relevant platform for Cat to share her inspiring take on what self-love is really all about.

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