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Bringing the fun and spirit of the outdoors #AtHomeWithBestway

Strong communication planning and social media strategy position Bestway as the year-round companion for Filipino families even when they’re staying at home

While the quarantine puts restrictions on what families can do for the summer -- less beach trips and time spent outside -- it shouldn’t mean that spending time at home should be less fun. This is what our partner, Bestway, wanted to capture in its latest campaign, with the objective to become the inflatable brand of choice for Filipino homes.

As a global innovator and provider of leisure products from pools, airbeds, swim rings, goggles, and more, Bestway understands that there is lots to do to be creative and to enjoy bonding even without leaving the comfort of home. As their communication agency of choice, Storyscope helped Bestway craft an evergreen campaign, one that can communicate the brand’s essence and products even beyond the summer season.

Through a comprehensive brand review, market and competitor research, and discernment of the brand’s target market, we helped Bestway pin down how it can be the inflatable brand of choice among Filipino filipino families. #AtHomeWithBestway is the result of our collaboration, a campaign that hinges on a clear understanding of the Filipino family’s psyche in the era of quarantine and the acknowledgment of our human need to connect and spend time with our loved ones, all days of the year.

The campaign resulted in a refreshed social media content for the brand, where colors and animated vectors abound. Bestway’s official social pages now mirror the brand’s core -- dynamic, vibrant, and outgoing-- while highlighting the products that the public have come to love. Key to our communication strategy is to produce content directed towards Bestway’s two identified target groups: moms who see the products as a way to enhance their kids’ stay-at-home experience, and moms who see the products as an investment to serve as their kids’ play tools at home.

All the planning and insights culminated in a digital campaign that increased awareness and encouraged purchases of Bestway products. Every post now leads the customer to Bestway’s Lazada flagship store, or to the websites of the brand’s retail partners to further encourage purchase.

As a PR company that also specializes in the digital realm, Storyscope was able to infuse new life to the Bestway brand and bring it closer to its audience, through different social media channels such as Facebook, and Instagram.

If your brand needs the same strong strategy work on communication planning and digital marketing, we’re here to lend a hand! Shoot us an email at and let’s get you started on more effective comms!


What we did:

Brand Review Market and Competitor Research Campaign Development

Social Media Content and Strategy

Social Media Management

Social Media Advertising


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