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RiderKo positions itself as everyone’s #PartnerForLife

Courier services platform RiderKo is on the fast track to being everybody’s trusted and reliable #PartnerForLife.

Rising to the challenge that 2020 has imposed upon most of the country, courier services platform RiderKo was born out of necessity, ingenuity, and compassion. A wholly Filipino-owned company, RiderKo emerged right smack in the middle of the pandemic, hitting the ground running with services that addressed the needs of the market, and values that reflected the bayanihan culture that allow us to thrive.

The company set out with the mission of being a genuine, reliable partner to local businesses of all sizes, and consumers with increasingly rising demands. Being that connecting thread between these two segments of the market made RiderKo an indispensable player in the delivery services sector, however, it had more than this to offer. A company with a big heart, RiderKo quickly gained the trust and support of its market because it offered it first — serving as a bridge between out-of-work individuals and job opportunities in the rider workforce.

It is this spirit of relationship-building and sound partnerships that we, Storyscope, in turn partnered with RiderKo in launching its services to a wider audience. As a PR company that specializes in brand strategy and public relations, we stepped in time for RiderKo’s launch to help shape a brand identity and strategy that resonated with the challenging times, as well as the needs of the market.

Included in this strategy was an in-depth brand review, competitor research, social media, digital media planning, and a digital brand launch. With expert knowledge in all facets of marketing, we successfully introduced RiderKo to Metro Manila, widening its scope from just a few cities in San Juan and Mandaluyong.

With all the challenges surrounding RiderKo’s launch — intense competition, a saturated market, safety protocols, and a global pandemic — it was a partnership that yielded successful results thanks to the brand’s meaningful core values that clicked with the Filipino people. At a time when delivery services are a dime a dozen, reliable and high-quality service prevails. With the company committed to serving its riders as well as its customers, RiderKo is poised to be in it for the long-haul.

As seen in our collaboration with RiderKo, strategy plays an important role in creating effective and successful campaigns. Do you need help planning one for your brand? Shoot us an email at to get started!


What we did:

Backyard and Micro-research

Brand Architecture and Identity

Brand Digital Launch

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Management

Digital Advertising Strategy

Digital Media Planning and Management


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