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METS Logistics Inc. brings fresh, cool presence online

The cold storage solutions company heats up its digital presence with a brand and social media overhaul

Did you know that the warehousing and logistics industry contributes a big chunk to our country’s economy? According to a 2021 report by KMC Savills, a real estate and brokerage firm in the Philippines, they found an increased need in warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial lots especially during the pandemic, where micro, small, and medium enterprises require extra support to keep their businesses thriving.

Like in other industries, key players have turned to social media to promote their services and reach untapped business clients. With so many new and established companies aiming for the same goal — to be the preferred cold storage facility — it has been increasingly competitive in both the online and offline landscapes. For METS Logistics Inc., #TeamStoryscope helped make the brand distinct from others through a more defined brand identity and stronger social media footprint.

Most businesses might be familiar with METS Logistics Inc. as a one-stop-shop facility offering all-in solutions including cold storage, dry storage, blast freezing, and toll processing in five key cities in Cavite, Cebu, and CDO. As public relations and digital marketing experts, we are particular about how a brand is communicated — and where it is communicated — so we can turn our partners’ audience into their clients.

In order to build and establish a strong online presence, we started from the basics. First, we gave the brand an identity and visual refresh.

The new tagline: ‘Keep it frozen, keep it fresh.’ is simple, straightforward, and clearly conveys the services and advantages that businesses get when they partner with METS. Along with it comes the refined brand positioning of being a storage solutions provider that specializes in product integrity — so that clients can be assured and confident that their customers will get the quality and service they deserve.

Second, our team developed design elements and visual cues to (1) align and support the refined identity, (2) to better communicate the brand’s personality and story, and (3) to create a guide for better brand recognition and recall.

These design elements complement static visuals by adding the illusion of movement and dynamics. We also included iconography to emphasize the content and clarify the service/s being highlighted. These changes were reflected in all the marketing collaterals as well as social media content for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Part of our social media strategy was to create content that was engaging, educational, and entertaining. For our third step, we developed brand-building content that informs the audience of what METS can do, where they are located, and how it can help different businesses. As seen above, we also created relatable content where both targeted and the general public can engage with.

The question is: how did this approach work for METS Logistics Inc.?

Our answer: Let the numbers speak for itself.

We started rolling out the new brand and visual identity online in April 2022. After a month, the brand experienced social media growth in all its online platforms.

#TeamStoryscope’s strategy of refining the brand identity, visuals, and positioning helped streamline the message being conveyed in all communication channels, online and on-ground. The brand gained a significant increase in following and page visits. The posting frequency also revitalized the brand’s online presence and set the tone in reaching more users organically.

The brand-building types of content on the services have also contributed in raising brand awareness and adding value to the company’s image as an industry player to watch out for.

So, what’s next?

We have more projects lined up as we continue our partnership and collaboration with METS Logistics Inc. Soon, we will be launching its revamped website and releasing articles and advertorials to further build credibility and provide online marketing support.

If your brand needs a little update and social media push, we’re ready to work with you! Send us an email at and let’s create a more effective communications strategy.


What we did:

Backyard & Micro-research

Brand Architecture

Visual Identity

Website Editorial


Social Media Content, Strategy, & Management


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