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Meet Mae of Metro Pabili: Your new, improved personal shopper at The Metro Stores

Team Storyscope walks you through the whole process — from the development of the visual identity and brand persona all the way to the various launch efforts

Our projects with Metro Retail Stores Group Inc., more known as The Metro Stores, has mostly been about streamlining all the different campaign efforts both in-store and online under the brand’s new positioning: ‘We make life easy’ — until this campaign came along.

The Cebu-based retail giant is no stranger to the call-to-order for pick-up or delivery type of service. Considering the competition and the shift in customers’ buying behavior due to the pandemic, The Metro Stores chose to further innovate the existing CTV (Call-Text-Viber) service into something easier, more convenient, and seamless to use — which we now call Metro Pabili.

Considering the changes we had to apply, we executed this campaign in phases.

Phase 1: Creating the big idea and key message

As their partner in telling stories, we based our strategy on our target audiences: Metro shoppers who have experienced the old iteration of the CTV service and those who are looking for a more viable service.

We then developed the messaging by introducing Metro Pabili as the ultimate solution for shopping at The Metro Stores from home, highlighting three reasons to believe:

  • VIP shopping experience with a personal shopper who shops for them and gives them easy access to the wide assortment of product offerings at the supermarket and department store

  • Customers just need to call, text, or Viber message one number: 0917-88-METRO (0917-88-63876) to process their shopping errands

  • Customers can get their deliveries within the day or the next morning

By highlighting these points, we were able to position Metro Pabili as the ‘choice ng wais shopper!’, still hinging on how Metro makes life easy for the customers.

Phase 2: Developing the brand persona, logo, and visual identity

While doing our own research and competitor scan, we observed that shoppers are more drawn to brands that exhibit human-like attributes. A wais Metro shopper would opt for someone who is easy to talk to, informative, and warm. This set the direction for how we brought to life Mae, The Metro Stores’ first ‘virtual ate’ and personal shopper.

It was crucial for us to integrate her body language to show enthusiasm, expertise, and willingness to help and for her appearance and style to be bright, casual, and friendly. We dressed her up in a green Metro polo and a pair of denim jeans with white sneakers for a comfortable and approachable look. The in-store staff reflected this uniform change to streamline the overall look and feel of the brand across all touch points.

We also created the logo for Metro Pabili which shows the text in a speech bubble. This visual cue alludes that the service is available through call, message, or online chat. We made sure to include the Metro logo, colors, and design elements to bring it back to the brand.

Phase 3: PR and digital launch and sustaining efforts

To create buzz and excitement, we released teasers on The Metro Stores’ social media pages a few weeks before the official launch.

Apart from the official announcement on Facebook and Instagram, we also sent a press release to top media publications and bloggers in Metro Manila and Cebu and worked with several media on advertorials. We appeared in Cebu Daily News, ABS-CBN News, and Rappler among many others.

We launched strong with the regular posting of Metro Pabili content, ads, as well as continued pick-ups of our press release. To maintain the noise and bring even more awareness to this new and improved personal shopper service, we tapped KOLs who represent the wais Metro shopper.

We tapped influencer moms Rica Peralejo, Princess Velasco, Connh Cruz (Modern Nanay), Shula Tutay, Berlin Domingo (Momi Berlin) to try out the Metro Pabili service and share their experience. We worked with Cebu-based influencer Kryz Uy to relay the message to our Cebu audience. We also collaborated with TikTok influencer Justine Sy to tap the younger market.

In their respective videos, they showed the ease and convenience by taking the audience through each simple step: from placing their orders via call, text, or Viber message, settling their payment, and waiting for the delivery.

Considering other Metro campaigns running alongside the promotion of Metro Pabili, we made sure to plot the organic content together with the KOL repost and ad campaigns in a strategic manner. We are continuously creating content to further strengthen the public’s awareness on this service and eventually convince them to try it out for themselves. That’s how they will better understand and appreciate how The Metro Stores can make life easier for them.

Campaign development, brand identity development, KOL partnerships, digital content strategy — these are just some of the executions we can do for you and your brand. Whether you’re looking to launch a new brand, product, or service, Storyscope can shape and tell your story. Let’s work together! Email us at to get started.


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