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A breath of fresh air for Paseo Verde at Real

Breezing through the ins and outs of the brand refresh process

There is nothing more rejuvenating for a brand than new creative ideas. A complete rebranding, however, isn’t always necessary to stay up-to-date and relevant with your target audience. A new logo, design, or simply just an improved element in the branding can also make a significant impact.

One of our partners, Paseo Verde at Real (PVAR), is a three-tower mid-rise property in Las Piñas that presents homeowners with a viable living space for the long-term. Together, we planned and developed the launch of their refreshed brand identity which came to fruition in September 2021.

Start with a refreshed brand identity — then own it

The foundations of a strong brand are a clear articulation of what it stands for – why you exist, what you deliver, and how you do it. Your brand's purpose, proposition, and personality.

As an agency that builds brands through storytelling, we helped PVAR reintroduce itself to the market as a real estate company that champions green living through the thoughtful use of building materials and facilities for residents’ health and wellness. We felt that the brand’s messaging on being a green development can still be simplified and clarified. Hence, the campaign handle “Your greener life begins at Paseo Verde” was formed. Fusing the benefits of a strategic location and sustainable living practices, residents at PVAR are promised to live a greener life with excellent investment returns and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

We believe that keeping a brand's presence active is critical to connecting with potential customers. This begins by identifying how a brand wants to be seen, heard, or understood by its audience. During a brand refresh, we always consider to be up to date and relevant to ideal customers while staying on brand.

Let the visuals communicate the bigger picture

Once the refreshed brand identity was finalized, we revisited the elements that make up the visual identity to make sure that it fits the new branding. This forms the cornerstone of the strategic brief and is used to complement the creative development, to make sure the brand strategy and creative aspects work together effectively.

First off, we focused on how we can improve the function and look of the existing logo. With PVAR’s simplified messaging of being a green development, we wanted to create a simple logo with great impact for viewers to remember.

Though an update to the logo marks a huge change for a brand, a refresh does not stop there. We also applied the brand’s new look to the sales kit, flyers, and other materials.

To complete the visual refresh, we also did a photo and video shoot. The new assets composed of property and lifestyle shots put the spotlight on what Paseo Verde can offer, and make for great material for our new sales and marketing collaterals.

Refreshed Paseo Verde at 360º

With a 360º brand refresh, it is best to start strong and sustain stronger.

In addition to updating the logo and other marketing materials, we are also in the process of revamping Paseo Verde’s website. We will be applying the new visual brand elements, testing asset combinations, and optimizing the experience for the site's visitors to make the brand even more present and adaptive online.

Just like Paseo Verde at Real, we can help your brand evolve with the new market. May it be a brand refresh, a complete rebranding, or simply a new way to communicate your brand to the audience.

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What We Did:

Brand Identity and Strategy

Visual Identity

Website Development


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