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Is your brand targeting the right audience for your campaign?

A brand-customer relationship check

For most people, relationships take a long time to develop: from getting to know the other person to discovering their little quirks and habits, which will lead to earning their trust in the long run.

Believe it or not, building relationships is quite similar to the customer journey that informs every successful campaign. To create a brand and a campaign with impact, you have to know your customer, or your audience, from the inside out.

When it comes to establishing your brand, the need to appeal to your chosen target audience is the most important thing to consider. Without a defined audience, your message cannot find the right crowd where it will resonate.

As one of the first steps of in the strategic planning process, #TeamStoryscope focuses on knowing who your brand is talking to. Discovering the persona of your audience will ultimately help in better achieving communication and business objectives for your brand.

Here are some reasons why knowing your audience can take your brand-customer relationship to the next level.

Irrelevant content pushes your audience away

A one-size-fits all approach is a big red flag in marketing. When the campaign isn’t targeted or specialized for a particular demographic, it just becomes noise. Pushing too much content that your target audience can’t relate to will immediately cut their interest in your brand.

The more your content resonates with your audience members, the more likely they are to engage with it. It can be something that they’re interested in or content that they can talk about among their circles. After all, word of mouth is still one of the most powerful factors in influencing the decisions that your audience will make in regard to your brand.

To uncover the spark that will lead them to buy or engage with your brand

At the first stage of any relationship, the “spark” is that vibrant energy that partners feel toward each other. At this point, the physical attraction or even just the thought of that person makes you feel that buzz of excitement.

This is also a huge part of the process of getting to know your audience. While it may take a longer time to really get their trust for your brand, making them feel that spark is crucial in setting your brand for success.

How do you make them feel the spark? Present your brand, campaign, products and messages in the context of your audience’s interests, behaviors, and persona so they feel an immediate, undeniable connection.

Example of a Buyer Persona from

Knowing their personal experience leads to deeper insights

The customer journey is your brand’s big picture for your audience. As you get to know your target audience on a deeper level, you can now map their journey vis a vis your product based on their experiences.

An effective way to make this happen is by looking at who or what makes or influences their buying decision. Uncover their needs or problems, what they’re trying to achieve, where they get information, and their budgets.

What you may discover may present as a small discovery but will significantly impact how the product should be pitched so that a prospect can be pushed down the sales funnel. By clearly identifying target audiences, it becomes easier to capture someone’s attention and buy-in because their needs and goals are front and center.

Example of a Customer Journey from

You need to be their person

Imagine for a second that you have a problem. It could be any problem at all—maybe you want to lose weight, or maybe the inconvenience of having to wipe your glasses every 20 minutes. Now imagine that the person you turn to for help exactly articulates your problem. They understand your beliefs, values, and attitude towards your situation. You feel like they understand you.

This is what your brand should mean to your audience. Whether it’s your product or service, the goal is to make your target audience decide that you are the solution.

Respond to those concerns and let them know their voice is heard. When others that are unfamiliar with your brand stumble upon these conversations, those positive comments direct from the consumers or clients themselves will go a long way in establishing a level of credibility.

Knowing and understanding your audience might just look like a single step in your strategic planning but these two stages need to be carried out carefully for a more meaningful and targeted campaign. Remember, just like in any form of relationship, the level of understanding can play a big role in the length and success of your brand’s bond with its target consumers.

Do you need to spice up your relationship with your customer? #TeamStoryscope can help! Send us an email at to get started.


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