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We’re here to welcome the rookie batch of Team Storyscope!

Get to know our new team members Meanne, Bea, Shams, Maia, Trish, and Liz

They’re young, overflowing with creativity, passionate and of course makulit – just like the rest of #TeamStoryscope!

Since we started back in 2019, Storyscope has always been about growing with our team members in all the ways that we can. Every year we’re working on more and more projects and collaborating with even more clients that challenge us to hone our skills further.

Hence, our growing organization needs a fresh batch of team members to join our dynamic and productive bunch. We’re thrilled to welcome six rookie members to help us in bringing brand stories to life.

From left to right- Meanne Dela Peña, Bea Madlambayan, and Shams Cruz.

First we have our new Account Managers for Brand Communications — Meanne Dela Peña, Bea Madlambayan, and Shams Cruz.

When we asked what made them apply to Storyscope, Bea shared, “I was interested in applying to Storyscope because it offered me great opportunities to expand my skills in this field of work… After finding out more information about Storyscope online, I saw how they empower and challenge their employees to be the best professionals they can be.”

Shams, on the other hand, shared how the organization’s values spoke to her. “I always tell my employers that I value working in a company or organization that gives impact whether through their values or in helping their partners make impact too. I feel like Storyscope is one of those organizations.”

For Meanne, it’s about realizing the big picture for her career. “I applied to Storyscope because I want to meet my big goals. I also believe that opportunities here in team Storyscope are really exciting.”

Maia Nery and Trish Lopina
Maia Nery and Trish Lopina

We also have new faces for the position of Account Managers for Digital Communications, Maia Nery and Trish Lopina. Joining a new team can make other people sweat on their first day but these two were more than thrilled to jump in with the crew.

Trish shared with us what she is most excited about in working with Storyscope, “I’m excited to experience the malasakit culture at Storyscope, and how this value will teach me to work with even more compassion towards my co-workers and clients.”

While Trish is excited to experience the culture with the team, Maia is looking forward to the partnership with clients. “Meeting the clients, learning their brand journey, and solving their needs and problems together!” she shared.

Liz Cabato
Liz Cabato

Another new team member who’s fired up to join the all-women club of Storyscope is our new Graphic Designer, Liz Cabato. “I am most excited about working with Team Storyscope because we're made up mostly of girls. It's very refreshing to work with such smart and talented women. I find it really empowering!”

It hasn’t been that long since we got to work with these talented ladies but we’re so excited to take this new journey with them. In this industry that runs on an unending cycle of creativity, we can’t wait to see the ideas, grit, and passion they will bring to our future campaigns and other projects.

Once again, Meanne, Bea, Maia, Trish, and Liz, welcome to Team Storyscope!


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