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Meet these inspiring women taking Team Storyscope to greater heights

We’re celebrating Kar, Bea, Cathy, Ela, Niki and Lainey for their career milestones

If there’s one thing #TeamStoryscope is focused on nurturing – other than our client’s brands – it’s our team members’ GROWTH!

Just ask these six glowing ladies who recently got promoted, all thanks to the hard work and passion they bring to the team everyday.

Kar Sison

First is our OG member since 2019, Kar Sison, who has been promoted to Senior Communication Strategist. She has been the backbone of our Strategic Communications Department where all the research, campaign big ideas, and copy for content originate.

With her 3 years of experience with our team, we asked her what her greatest learning is throughout her stay with Storyscope and she shared, “It's never easy but everything will be worth it in the end (cliche but true). Having a healthy environment and healthy relationships with the people you work with is so important. I'm grateful to have experienced both in Storyscope!”

Bea Valenzuela

Next up is our ever reliable instigator and coordinator for all things social – she’s our Senior Account Manager for Digital Communications, Bea Valenzuela. From conceptualizing, executing to monitoring digital campaigns, Bea V certainly has the knack in helping our clients reach their digital marketing goals.

When we asked how she stays motivated, she said it’s all about getting inspired by her teammates. “I get motivated by listening, talking, and taking inspiration from the talented people in Team Storyscope. Although each of us is different with how we do our work, there's always a lot to learn from each of my officemates, that inspires me to be a better person.”

From left to right - Cathy Del Prado, Ela Sampaga, Niki Esguerra

When it comes to bringing our ideas to life, there’s no other team that gives the most creative outputs than our Design Team. At the fore of our creative team are our three Senior Graphic Designers – Cathy Del Prado, Ela Sampaga, and Niki Esguerra.

All of us, even the most experienced ones, can feel a little burned out or even a creative block when doing the same work for a period of time. That’s why we asked our in-house artists on how they stay motivated in the work that they do.

For Niki, it’s all about reminding herself about the impact of her work. “I just try to remember the bigger picture, especially on days when I feel a little less motivated. For example, I try to remind myself of how our work for one client could lead to other, newer opportunities for us to expand as a team. On other days, I just remind myself that I'm working with such great and talented people, and that inspires me enough to keep going.”

Cathy shared that she stays fueled through her teammates who share her struggles and goals. “Work will always be work and it's not always fun, but I do enjoy what I do and I try to find things that spark interest and fulfillment to keep me motivated.” For Ela, she gets the extra push from her team. “I stay motivated at work by reminding myself that I have a great team beside me who are very capable and share the same goals as I do.”

Lainey Nuestro

Also on our list of inspiring women is someone who gives her A-game day in and day out – our Senior Account Manager for Brand Communications, Lainey Nuestro. We know she’s very likable with her quirky humor but she definitely proves it with her relationship with all of our clients.

As she celebrates her first year with Storyscope this month, Lainey shares how much she has learned through various projects with our partners. “I love project management and being in this career has really allowed me to explore my creative side more. I stay motivated by always thinking and reminding myself of the impact I make through Storyscope and our partner clients.”

With these six inspiring ladies becoming leaders at Storyscope, we can only expect a more strategic, creative, and effective approach for all departments. Backed by their first-hand experience and learning throughout various campaigns, we’re so proud to be witnesses of their journey everyday and we can’t wait to see the exciting things they’ll be doing next!


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