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On-ground event management from A to Z: Propelling Forever Living’s 2023 Philippine Rally

Team Storyscope and Forever Living Team on the stage of Philippine Rally 2023: Forever Living Goes On event.

For many brands, welcoming the new year with a bang is still especially crucial for amplifying awareness, more so in setting the momentum for the next 12 months or at least the first quarter of the year.

But what exactly comes with the bang that we’re about? Perhaps, it could appear in the form of a new product or service launch, a new addition to brand ambassadors, or a new feature to an existing product offering. There are countless possibilities to welcome the new year louder than firecrackers once the clock strikes 12.

In the spirit of our ride back to normalcy and calendar changes, our partner Forever Living Philippines sure knows how to leverage this timely opportunity to meet their goals this 2023. In collaboration with Team Storyscope, we conceptualized, executed, and helped host the 2023 Philippine Rally —- a beacon of refreshed perspective and renewed passion when it comes to all things wellness and business.

From client brief to bringing the noise

Forever Living is the largest grower, manufacturer, and distributor of aloe vera-based products in the world. And just like other brands that paused their annual on-ground events when the pandemic hit, the brand wasn’t an exception and took quite the hiatus with their yearly rallies that celebrate and honor the success of their Forever Business Owners (FBOs), partner microentrepreneurs of the brand.

When things eased in the country, with a clear goal in mind, the brand finally called for a much-needed exclusive gathering. But this time around, the focus lay on the brand’s legacy, more significantly for the FBOs who consist of mostly aged 40s and above.

Taking off from that brief, we anchored our event concept to a more hip approach that attracts FBOs from younger generations. In that regard, comes our TikTok-themed executions from start to finish.

That fresh factor for Forever Living Philippines

While TikTok has been a fad for lip-syncing and dancing trends, Team Storyscope saw the potential of bridging young TikTok audiences and business opportunities as inspired by the app. Thus, combined, birthed the idea of ascending one’s business by getting into the online space and producing content. Not only will this aid older FBO generations in staying current but this also captures the brand’s goal of longevity and business sustenance by passing on the legacy to those succeeding generations of FBOs.

With this, we came up with the event messaging of 2023 Philippine Rally: Forever Living Goes ON! and hashtag #ForeverLivingPHGoesON to hinge on the insight of merging online efforts and Forever Living’s proven ways of achieving entrepreneurial success.

Taking the party offline and online

For our executions, we stayed strictly on theme with everything TikTok-inspired. There was a #FYP: For You Products booth that highlighted the brand’s famous aloe vera drinks and other products for everyone’s trial, and a Content Corner where all guests and staff can take a shot at being an online sensation dancing to the trendiest songs while championing the brand’s best-sellers.

Our clan of creatives also took care of and delivered all of the invitations to online collaterals, tickets, presentation, and booth designs.

Our team also helped prepare an engaging program that spotlighted new company efforts and the recognition of top FBOs. Our well-cultivated relationships with KOLs also paved the way for us to bring in a public figure host, Candy Gamos, who facilitated the energy throughout, and a keynote speaker, Camille Co-Koro, who shared tips and tricks when it comes to content creation for one’s business.

Down to D-DAY itself, several Team Storyscope members joined the event to assist in program facilitation be it for registration, manning the booths, and overall floor direction.


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