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Discovering strengths, thriving onward: a Storyscope review

By Mich del Rosario

At the end of every year, we tend to look back at how the year has been, and pick out a lesson or two to make the coming year better. I do the same now as we approach 2022 in Storyscope, but I also take a glance back at the last three years.

2019 was all about firsts. I remember how excited we were as we stepped into our own office: we felt liberated and also more responsible for making each decision all on our own. We were blessed with partners who put their full trust in us. It was an amazing first year of crafting and executing campaigns that as we ended 2019, we were already planning to expand our services and grow our team.

2020 was about adjustments. We had to be agile enough to further immerse ourselves in digital, while also reframing our public relations practice. There was a long list of new things to get accustomed to, including working and onboarding new team members from home, as well as connecting with our client and media partners amid the physical distance.

2021 was a time of discoveries. We entered this year knowing better, and we became more intentional about which areas of our expertise we needed to enhance. This intentionality allowed our team to grow in number, knowledge, and skills.

Storyscope in this season

I’m often asked lately, “How is Storyscope doing this time?”

And my answer is that we are grounded and ready for what’s to come. We had our share of seasons of surviving and thriving in the last three years. We experienced teammates and clients come and go, and dealt with campaigns and budgets adjusted midway. But despite the uncertainties in the last few years, we also witnessed how each team member continued to adapt and persevere to do more for our partners. I personally felt how everyone extended compassion to one another and to our clients, especially when it was needed most.

As the CEO, it is my role to look at things from a bigger perspective. The last three years have given me a new point of view on what growth and success mean. I learned that success can mean different things based on the season, and sometimes, it can be the most meaningful when you simply recognize how far you’ve come and what that means for a start-up team with huge potential in the middle of a global pandemic.

Starting anew in 2022

From six team members in 2019, we enter 2022 as a team of 18. We have a good number of client partners who have been with us since year one. We continue to champion compassion in the team. Hearing clients give feedback on how committed and involved we are, and having team members tell me that the workplace is a kind one, are affirmations that we are headed towards the right direction -- and we bring with us our grit, experience, and care for each other and our partners.

I am claiming 2022 to be a year of advancement – a year of continuous learning, enhanced storytelling, while still prioritizing our well-being as a team. It will be a time for us to strengthen the core of what enables our success: strategy and service.

To all our client, media, and influencer partners, thank you for your trust. We will continue to treat your business like our own. Our relationship will always be beyond transactional; it has and always will be a partnership of helping each other thrive year after year.

To #TeamStoryscope, thank you for making great storytelling possible. Working alongside all of you is fulfilling and guiding you in different ways is rewarding. I look forward to entering another year of breakthroughs with each of you.

May Christ’s love this holiday season be present within you and your families. I wish that the coming year will be one that is filled with God’s grace, hope, peace, and joy.


Mich del Rosario

Co-Founder and CEO


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